Saturday, July 07, 2007

I Don’t Know What Your Problem is, But I Bet It's Hard to Pronounce

Write a statement explaining the below scenario. You are not required to justify the exchange, as even Nancy Drew admits this would be futile. All you need to do is get across how this one partygoing kung fu fighter got such a big thoughtless ice cube lodged up her ass.

Please bear in mind I have never met this person before in my life:

Upon overhearing about 30 seconds of my joyous babble re: my new iPhone, my eavesdropping friendnot interjects, "I demo'ed one of those at work. They suck. My Trio is so much better. Watch how fast I can type on it. See? See? Look at me typing really fast with two hands on my Trio. You can't do that on yours."

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