Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Ponys feat. Jay Reatard / TurboFruits at the Bowery BallRoom

Thoroughly checking all sources on last night's Bowery Ballroom event, the tickets gave the show start at 6:00, the TurboFruit's website said they went on at 7:00, the Bowery Ballroom website listed 8:00, but in actuality, doors opened around 10.

Before you say we should have called the venue instead of just taking a weighted average of the likelihood of accuracy for all reported start times and showing up about 8:30: Please be aware they never pick up the phone and the recorded message is endless dribble relaying the phone numbers of other venues to call due to some cunning poligamist box office strategem.

They want you to come early and drink, is the big picture bottomline idea. Had I realized this from the beginning it would have saved me a lot of spreadsheet work, is all I'm saying.

Lucky for us, a friend of a friend was getting saucy at his Birthday party at a schmancy restaurant in Union Square simulaneous to the shocking revalation that we had 2.5 hours to kill.

We invited ourselves to his party.

Turns out, immediately prior to our arrival, someone had informed the birthday boy that the solo orange button on his new $400 dress shirt declared his allegiance to the other team. The birthday boy, recently separated from his wife of many years and looking for his birthday to end in a bang, was confounded by the sudden turn in his destiny. Doubled his chances for success was my take on it.

We ended up missing the TurboFruits and only caught the end of Jay Reatard. I had enough time to realize you couldn't join the band without a towering bouncy jewfro. Despite the wild frenzy of hair, they sounded good.

The Ponys, yeah, lead singer also playing guitar, not so good live.

Luckily, the soundman knew it and had the echo cranked. I could tell the frontman had a thing for Kurt Cobain in his matted stringy hair days. Meanwhile, the second guitar just got a new Whammy pedal and relished showing off his new toy. This annoyed Tom, but I kinda dug the cool noises.

Bass played by a chick who was up for the challenge. From all appearances, she was embroiled in a spat with the singer and the guitar player because they ignored each other throughout the entire set. At one point, the guitar player overtured a move in her direction, but her evil eye knocked him back.

I would have like to see the drummer tighten it up some. The wavy amped up Whammy noises needed a more solid undercurrent. Or maybe the guitars were turned up way too loud. Possible because at the beginning of the set I saw the frontman motion about six times to the soundman to turn him up. Unfortunately, the soundman complied.

Check out Poser Psychotic. Which I like the studio version.

The PonysPoser Psychotic

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