Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Where is the Captain of My Brainship? : A Documentary

July 3, 2007:

3:30PM: Return from client meeting. Pick up voicemail from Sue somebody, who is a part-time "stager," and also "dabbles in real estate and medical billing." She needs a logo for one, or maybe all, of the above pursuits. I squeeze my head for some freelancer I can refer her to. Can't come up with anybody. Write Sue's phone number on yellow post-it note. Set it aside.

5:30PM: Decide to clean up my desk before the holiday. Run across a yellow post-it note which reads, "Sue, 973-xxx-xxxx." Have no idea what it is. Figure it must be old. Throw it out.

3:30AM: Wake up in middle of the night dreaming of yellow post-it note. Remember enough to write this post.

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