Saturday, September 08, 2007

Armed and Legged Guard Ensures Bountiful Harvest

My pile is always hot. In years past, despite my God-given talent in the area of composting, marauding bastard-ass aphids and their Aryan white fly comrades strangled my tomatoes in their locust death grip. Ghastly stringy leafless carnage littered my garden.

This year, I called in mercenaries. I hired a smallish plastic pouch of bloodthirsty warriors with experience in theatres of war like the FlowerHouse. I'm talking about Green Lace Wings. Putting an end to chicanery and
fruit looting.

My boys are downhome ferocious kungfu fighters, even when they're just little baby larvae. Their tiny mandibles chomp up any squishy body encountered.

Take that, Bug Nemeses!

Check it:

I might commission a parade. Hoist all the Lace Wings up on a microscopic float and trottle around the cul de sac.

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