Saturday, October 20, 2007

The 911 Quiz Bowl

Motoring down Route 10 only one cup of coffee into my day, I stopped. Because of the red light at the intersection of Route 202. I glanced out the window and a telephone pole had flames shooting out of the middle of it. Driving in the car makes me think I can sing, so I usually do, and I was. Singing. While I watched the weeds around the burning telephone pole incinerate.

It was right about then that the problematic nature of my observation began to coagulate brainwaves. I picked up the cell phone.

"911. What is the nature of your emergency?"

"The traffic island is on fire at the corner of Route 202 and Route 10. Southwest side."

"What town is that in, ma'am?"

"Umm. I'm at the intersection of Route 10 and Route 202. They only cross once."

"What town is that in, ma'am?"

"Ummm. Denville? Maybe Cedar Knolls? Let me think... Morris Township?"

"No. You're in Parsippany, ma'am."

hang on a sec.
Maybe I misdialed? Is this the 911 for emergencies or the one to subject myself to a mid-morning geography roast?

Andrew says next time he is lost, he's going to call 911. "Hello? I'm driving down a highway in Morris County. What town am I in? And where is the nearest Wachovia bank? I think it's on fire."

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