Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Me at Morris County Farms Today: Thanksgiving Eve

I roll up to the greenhouse five minutes before closing on the day before Thanksgiving. The guy collecting little red wagons in the parking lot gives me a dirty look.

So as not to score any more asshole points than I already have, I shop with tremendous speed. I'm beelining for the cash register and it's only five after. I apologize for my tardiness to the clerk and all her cohorts standing around waiting to leave.

The cashier has a warm heart. I can tell even in the dark. They'd already cut the lights and hung up the Closed sign. She says, "Oh don't worry. There's always That Person here after closing. Usually in a frenzy picking up just 'one more thing.' We're used to it."

Turns out, they don't take AmEx. I can't find my MasterCard. I don't have a checkbook. I dredge $37 in crumpled dollar bills and a pile of loose change from my handbag. I still owe $22. The cashier, the greenhouse owner, and myself discuss options. We work out a payment plan.

Then it occurs to me. I'm "That Person."

(If you are looking for Morris County Farms, it is located at 33 Smith Rd., Denville, New Jersey 07834. Tel: 973-366-4448. Call before you go on the weekends, because hours seem to vary. Location is up behind Greystone off of Casterline Road.)
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