Saturday, November 03, 2007

Suzanne's B-Day: Festive at 3 West*

We caught up with Suzanne at her 3-West birthday-o-rama. She was getting awesome with her peeps, the fabulous and beautiful OC Girls, along with their arm candy.

Despite several interruptions perpetrated by Jen**, I managed to lock up a rock-solid exclusive birthday interview:

There is a rumor afoot that you and Preston are starting a Wiggles cover band and that you will open your act with a number called "The Wombat Song."
We have memorized every verse of the Wombat Song, including hand gestures and some pretty plausible sound effects. And it is true that Margaux has been accepted into the School of Rock in Chatham. She also belted out a doo wop version of Happy Birthday for me today. But right now, unfortunately, none of us has the time to dedicate to a band.

I understand that you did
in fact canoodle with the Wiggles in person?
Yes. I scored their digits. In a professional capacity.

And do you have any comment on Sam, the fresh new Wiggle? He recently snatched the Yellow Shirt from Greg, the Ex-Wiggle who Faints Due to Orthostatic Intolerance?

We like Jeff, the Wiggle who sleeps too much. Wake up Jeff!

How's your tuna tar-tar this evening?
7 stars. Respectable, certainly. The tuna tar-tar at La Petit Chateau in Bernardsville consistently rates 8 stars or more.

What's Margaux been into lately?
Yesterday, she pointed out the moon.

So Preston's been running around the house again in his all-together?
No, the moon was in the sky. And it's David who runs around in his all-together.

Thanks for the clarification. But speaking of your all-together, did I just hear you mention the talented Girls Next Door? From Hugh Hefner's award-winning foray into reality television?
I only said I didn't want to become a candidate for the show. Because I was getting too blond. That's why I worked some low-lights into my look... to add some color diversity. Which is politically correct, of course, especially for hair.

How did you spend your birthday today?

I took the day off work and treated myself at the spa.

And what is your Birthday Goal for the upcoming year?

Topping my short list would be to furnish our new home in a color palette inspired by nature.

That sounds like it will be lovely. Have you also considered getting a tattoo?
No. Absolutely not.

*For the purposes of accuracy, which admittedly we aren't big fans of around here, it could possibly be hypothosized that not quite everything in this post was actually said out loud.

**Jen's interruptions really were not that serious. Nothing a professional such as myself couldn't handle. But, as discussed previously, I did make note of them in the Pleatherberry.
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