Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Hot Dogs and Raw Sugah Any Day of the Week

Nothing against straight party-planners, but when it comes to naming the affair, gays really shine. I have assembled a list of my favorite titular events, assiduously researched for almost 8 minutes flipping through various periodicals while Tom takes great pains not to become associated in any way with my highbrow endeavor:

Bingo Balls Bingo
Ass Circus
Bum Bum Night
Suck my Diskoteque
Cock Fight!
Whip It Out!
Queer, Beer, Rear

Come one,come all!

References: NeXt Magazine, December 2008, p 32-34. Go! Magazine, January 2009, p 63-66. TONY Magazine, January 15-21, random pages.
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