Sunday, January 25, 2009

ADT Sticker Deters New Jersey Jungle Creatures

Our next-door neighbor told me she wants to install a home security system. So the hyenas in the woods out back don't come crashing through her living room windows.

Found! Data for Future Taxidermic Analysis

Date: 1/24/09 00:14
Found: One Dime in World Trade Center subway station at Chambers Street
Current Status: In right front pocket of blue jeans

Date: 1/24/09 13:40
Found: One zinc-plated 1/2" round washer on corner of 5th and 55th
Current Status: Flew out of pocket while dislodging cellular telephone 1/25 01:14, one bounce, and dropped down elevator shaft at 7th floor landing of 270 West 17th Street

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Hot Dogs and Raw Sugah Any Day of the Week

Nothing against straight party-planners, but when it comes to naming the affair, gays really shine. I have assembled a list of my favorite titular events, assiduously researched for almost 8 minutes flipping through various periodicals while Tom takes great pains not to become associated in any way with my highbrow endeavor:

Bingo Balls Bingo
Ass Circus
Bum Bum Night
Suck my Diskoteque
Cock Fight!
Whip It Out!
Queer, Beer, Rear

Come one,come all!

References: NeXt Magazine, December 2008, p 32-34. Go! Magazine, January 2009, p 63-66. TONY Magazine, January 15-21, random pages.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Safe Driving Tip for Human Lovers

If you are driving along and suddenly a horse and buggy pulls out right in front of you, lay down across the passenger seat and aim for the horse.

You would already know this if you took driver's ed in Amish country.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pick up the Phone: It's the Truth Calling

Tom repeatedly accuses me of being a bully in the rack. As it turns out, Tom's a big smack talker. I occupy a wee sliver of the overall available bedspace. May the force of justice prevail!

This is Tom in the sack. Tom's official designated side of said sack is on the LEFT. Please note the vast unoccupied wilderness in this leftist zone. And in case you insist math be an ingredient in your drink of truthjuice:

39 full-blooded inches, Tom's butt to bedside. Here's another view of this delicious wasteland. Camera shot taken over the top of the curiously inert husband in question:

In stark contrast to all this sprawl, please note the below. 15 puny inches. This is the distance from the leftmost edge of moi to bedside right:

In the future it's going to be a little more of a vigorous style of slumber. I'm going to arise at various intervals, decamp, and then get in bed on the other side. This would appear to be the savvy move.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Years 2009

Lynn and Michael completed their kitchen project before us, despite my considerable effort eyeballing millions, if not thousands, of tile backsplash samples. I consider myself squarely part of the problem. But sometimes home improvement is best achieved via evolution, as opposed to an intelligent design approach. 

Slowly, as the doors fall off our kitchen cabinets one by one, a new open-air modern casual chic design is revealed. And someday, our humping antelope-themed formica scullery will metamorphosize naturally into Lynnie and Michael's kitchen. It will be beautiful and airy and sleek. Hopefully, much to Charles Darwin's continued and bitter disappointment, I will live to see the day. 

Until then, let me state for the record there is no better way to ring in the new year than in the company of your favorite favorites polishing off Asian food in incredibly stylish glitter 2009 sunglasses and party hats.