Sunday, November 22, 2015

Diary of a Geriatric Scarlet: November 22, 2050

Oxfords for city foot workouts.
I endeavored to walk about a bit this afternoon in the sunshine. I dangled strands of precious gems and a burgundy silken scarf about my neck. Then I tugged on a forest green velvet cape and a felt hat with a hat pin. I exuded a certain seasonally-appropriate spirit. The Christmas decorations were up at Lord and Taylor, I noticed yestereve.

To usher in the holidays, Lord and Taylor has constructed a tunnel of twinkling greenery entwined about scaffolding. I wondered if the scaffolding beget the greenery or the greenery beget the scaffolding.

Fancy ballet flats for city foot workouts.
Considering this important question, I sat on a bench in our narrow foyer and tugged on my sensible shoes. Not too sensible. I refuse to resemble a soft-footed tourist from mainland America. I've learned in my old age that feet have muscles, just like legs and arms. Walking on sidewalks is excellent for foot conditioning. I endeavor to work out my feet in stout oxfords or ballet shoes at least three times a week.

Speaking of shoes, a new york lady never wears her outside shoes inside her apartment. We do not live like animals in a barn and track foul sidewalk goo across our carpeting. Nor do we traipse about in our dusty stockings.

I store my "house shoes" separate from my "outside shoes" inside an antique shoe cabinet purchased at ABC on Broadway years ago.

I adore my collection of house shoes— my silken mules and shearling lined booties and felted mary janes. I enjoy the feel of a fine textile against my wizened metatarsal nerve endings. I enjoy rising in the morning and selecting a house shoe to match my lounging attire.

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