Sunday, November 20, 2016

Apps for the stylishly OCD

Stylebook App

I got this app called Stylebook. I think most people use this app to design little outfits. I do not. I use it to amortize my clothing. I make a note every time I wear something, and then the app takes the cost of the garment and divides it by the times worn.

Do you know what the per-wear cost is of what you've got on? I do.

  • These pants are down to $1.66 per wear because, as my friend Lynn said recently, "Every time I see you, you're wearing those pants."
  • This shirt is $9.16
  • These boots are $16.33
  • I'm not keeping track of the sweater because Tracie gave it to me.
If someone said they were going to charge me 30 beans for closet access per day, I'd freak out. But here we are. 

Another thing I'm keeping a close eye on is how long your average item lasts. I was thinking the other day that a sweater was looking a mite tatty. I checked how many times I've worn it. SIX TIMES. That's a bloody unacceptable tragedy. My online reviews are going to be incredibly data-rich. I can provide dates and times.

A few conundrums have emerged. Like how long do you have to wear something for it to count as a wear? For example, what if you pull on your boots to run down to Duane Reed and buy some chapstick. Then you come back and take them off. Does that count as a wear?

Or what if you have on one pair of pants to work, and then you come home and tug on some soft pants to watch some TV or go to the gym. Was it a two pant day in both cases?

These are the complexities I wrestle with.

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