Sunday, November 06, 2016

Cat's out of the birthday bag

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Over the summer, Darcey, Tom and I drove upstate to Helen and Matt's place. The three of us listened to a podcast about lying. There's a quick test to tell if you are a good liar or a bad liar:  
With your finger, you draw an imaginary capital Q on your forehead.

Spoiler Alert!
If you're a good liar, you'll draw the Q so that people facing you can read it. You'll place the slash on the Q to the left. 
Spoiler Alert!

Darcey, Tom and I took the test. We are not good liars. I'd like to say I waffled a bit on where to put the slash because I saw a glimmer of universal higher understanding. But really, it was only because I had a fit of dyslexia.

Fast forward to a month ago when Matt emailed that he was planning a surprise birthday party for Helen. 

I immediately began wringing my hands and sweating. After all, we had just taken a test that conclusively showed we are not good at this "Tell Helen you'll not be driving upstate, not texting about arrival times and food allergies with her husband, and then not hiding in the back corner of a private room in a restaurant waiting to shriek surprise at the birthday girl."

Helen's a lawyer by the way.

Props to us because despite the silent hysteria, Helen was (mostly) surprised.

And what a beautiful weekend with good friends and festivity :-)

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