Tuesday, November 01, 2016

2016 Halloween Recap & First Day of NaBloPoMo

I called my mom. Ring. Ring. Ring. Call Connecting.

"Two at the door!" Mom bellowed in my ear.

Pop was in charge of candy distribution. Mom peered out the window and monitored trick or treat goings on.

"Your father just asked a kid if he was dressed as Ernest Shackleton," she reported.

Pop gave out mini-snickers bars. This raised my eyebrows. In the past, he's been more concerned about dental hygiene. He's treated the neighborhood to spider rings, pencils, erasers, and rubber lizards.

Pop got on the phone. "I made a faux pas," he said.

"Do tell."

"A really little kid rang the bell. Her bag of candy was bigger than she was. I told her, 'Wow, there must be 50 cavities in that sack.' Her dad was standing behind her. He laughed and he had like three teeth."

Meanwhile, back at our place, Tom was at the ready:

A sad sad bag of candy

This photo of a giant unopened bag of candy was taken at 8pm. Not one kid knocked on our door.

Meanwhile, Riverbend Drive was a well-illuminated Halloween/Diwali major mashup. Jack and Ella brought in a haul. I told them the house takes 10%. Ha ha ha, said my nephew.

Meanwhile, Darcey was one of the spinning La Calavera Catrina in the Halloween Parade. The Grande Dames of Death. As seen on TV.

Dia de los Muertos!

Wish I was everywhere at once.

NaBloPoMo November 2016
Day 1
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