Saturday, November 19, 2016

NaBloPoMo at Brunch - Tom and Caroline Help Out

At brunch, I was telling Caroline about NaBloPoMo-- this scribble-a-blog-post-a-day business. She said she wouldn't have anything to write about, because she lives in Solna. Solna is a suburb of Stockholm. In Solna, every day is the same; you go to work, you come home and then maybe you have 18 drinks, it being Sweden and all.

Tom said that I definitely would have something to write about today and it was only 11:30AM. He said if he were me, he would write about how I gave the finger to some dude driving a white Pontiac. He said if not the white Pontiac affair, I could write about walking right past a guy jackhammering and failing to notice. 

But WTF there were no goddamn cones or anything.

I will not write about either of these incidents.

If I were going to pick something to write about, I might write about a 100% cotton blacksmith tshirt I took a close look at later on in the afternoon:

"it cannot be inherited nor can it ever be purchased
i have earned it with my blood, sweat and tears
i own it forever the title blacksmith"

Even though I kind of dig the bad-ass skull and the sassy metatarsal finger wag, I did not purchase this tshirt for the following reasons:
  1. The drama. It's a pretty dramatic bit of fluff, all in.
  2. I concern myself with hammers and this scrawny ball pien doesn't appeal.
  3. Insufficient punctuation.

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