Friday, June 01, 2007

Bright Eyes @ Town Hall in Midtown / May 29

The white suit changed him into a stiff-legged marmish. He kept patting his newly lengthy tresses.

Emergency! Conor Oberst has been sandwiched inside ill-fitting Wonderbread. But I still have a thing for my little pig in a blanket.

Scalping : Requires Practice

We are the Scalpers of Suck. We even suck in the hobbyist category. We should have just locked up some Karma points by giving away our extra ticket. This did not occur to us.

Opening Act Gillian Welsh feat. David Rawlings

Good. If you're into full-on folk music sung by a skinny chick in mid-calf cowboy boots and a prairie skirt. Shout out to her superlative olfactory receptors. She sniffed out someone chewing bubble gum in the front row. Totally scored herself a piece for the afterparty. David Rawlings had it going on.

Man-Purse Prevalence

Manpurses in the house!

For Fans ONLY

Bright Eyes kicked off the evening with tunes from Cassadanga. He played maybe one old fave from Fevers & Mirrors and then brought out his "friends" the Little Willies for We are Nowhere. The set finished up with a big fandango CSN "Helpless" cover featuring pretty much anyone still ambulatory from backstage.

Janet Weiss (formerly of Slater-Kinney) earned the MY FAVORITE award. She drummed up a massive fracas, made even bigger with the accent slams ala a second auxiliary drummer.

My Memorable Moment : The flower-festooned microphone fell over and instead of picking it up, Conor lay down on ground so he could sing into it. Never stopped playing the guitar either. That's talent.

The Underwear Dilemma

Blacklight dappled the bass player, who sported the tightest white pants I've ever seen. I wondered. If any, what kind of underwear did this cat suit up in? A discreet and excellent choice, let me state for the record.

You've Got A Lot of Friends. We Get It

Bright Eyes might have gotten a "Needs Improvement" in fourth grade for "Plays well with others" or something. He suffers from a contant cumpulsion to prove that when his friends are down and troubled and they need some loving care and nothing, nothing is going right...

He'll be there to brighten up even the darkest night.

If you just call out his name, and you know wherever he is he'll come running to see you again.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call. And he'll be there. Conor is a friend.

Despite his annoying neuroses, if I had a premonition I'd get stuck on a desert island, the Bright Eyes catalog might be some of the first tunes I'd load up on my iPod.

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