Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dear Diary : Nerdy G-Rated Sexcapades

Get ready to turn on your heart light. After one particularly fruitful expedition into the uncharted shithole we like to call "our basement," I unearthed a box full of my childhood diaries. They are largely excruciating accounts of the demented science experiment I like to call "junior high."

February 26, 1983
Dear Diary,

I just got back from the school dance. It started out kind of sucky, but then it got better. Here is a play-by-play account:
  • I walk up to the dance by myself (embarrassing.)
  • Fast dance with Agnes.
  • Jill, Suzie, Shiela (etc) snub me.
  • Fast dance with Emily, Cindy, Agnes.
  • No slow dances for a long time.
  • Emily buys me a soda.
  • Slow dance with ? . I think he's in 10th grade.
  • Fast dance.
  • Slow dance with Joe C.
  • F.D.
  • S.D. with Steve B, who is not popular but I felt sorry for him.
  • F.D.
  • S.D with Joe C.
  • S.D with Joe C.
  • Walk home with Jim P. who asks me out but I refuse and anyway my Dad was listening.
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